The BrandTheraExperience

BrandThera™ Experience

All that greatness bubbling inside of you; but the truth is, you are more confused than ever, you can't seem to focus, you feel so overwhelmed, and despite all you do, you are not getting any results.


I know exactly what you are going through.

For almost 3 years, I lived in utter frustration and confusion about who I was and what I was to do with my life. My dream career wasn’t working out the way I had dreamt it would, I had lots of skills and passions that I didn’t know what to do with, I was broke and depressed, angry at myself and God.

I just couldn’t figure out what I was living for, I had no sense of belonging, I felt lost and alone in the whole world. I had great business ideas, but I lacked clarity nor strategy to scale plus I couldn’t stay focused and consistent in anything. I concluded that just maybe, I wasn’t meant to amount to anything in life.

But one day, I got a push, I got a revelation. I just couldn’t keep living that way anymore. I knew I had so much in me, but I needed to figure out what to do with all of it. I had to admit that I didn’t really have my life figured out as I thought, and that I needed help. I went on a journey of self discovery which included surrendering myself to the Holy Spirit. He began the transformation in my heart and in my life. I also went through lots of coaching, counselling and therapy sessions with different experts, reading books and taking classes to sharpen my skills and knowledge.

Today, I am no longer that confused woman, I now have a better control over my life, turned some of my passions into businesses and owning my future with my full chest. And now, here I am, sharing my story and using my experience to help as many women as possible, so they don’t have to go through it the hard way, the way I did. That is the reason why I created my Signature Coaching service; The BrandThera Experience.

What is The BrandThera™

The BrandThera Experience (aka TBTEx) is a GOD-led Therapeutic Coaching Experience that gives you the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Clarity & Strategy that you need to help you step out of the shadows with Confidence and Authority to Launch your own Powerful Personal Brand & Monetize your Skills, Passions and Knowledge.

01. Clarity

Having multiple passions, can make figuring out your brand difficult. You need a clear mind, soul and spirit to filter through the chaos and focus.

02. Strategy

With your new found Clarity, comes a deeper level of Confidence to help you set goals and then map out effective strategies to achieve them.

03. Action

Well, it is not just enough to set up strategies, it is now time to take Action backed up with the right mindset, consistency & discipline.

04. Results

And of course, Action backed up with the right mindset, consistency, patience & discipline will definitely bring greats Results.


The BrandThera Experience (TBTEx) was divided into three awesome plans or packages so that there can be something for everyone based on your needs.


This package runs for 6-8 Weeks; an All-in-One program that covers everything that you could possibly need find your Gift/Passion, Launch it as a Brand and start Monetizing, from Clarity stage to getting Results, from Ideation to Launching, you have me working it out with you every single step of the way.


This package runs for 2-3 Weeks and covers only one particular area; either Brand Strategy, Content Strategy or Monetization Strategy, depending on what's most important for you at that moment. This program is for you if you have already launched your Brand but need help figuring out some grey areas.


This package is a 3 Hours Instant Clarity Session and it was created for those who can not afford the SUPER or MINI packages, but want to have a taste of the pudding, and get something to work with while they save up for the bigger packages. This way, you don't get to loose out on anything.


The BrandThera™ Experience Coaching Program covers all of the following areas and more;

  • Brand Clarity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity & Visual Kit
  • Content Clarity
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Calendar
  • Mental Decluttering
  • Brand Launch Guide
  • Content Creation Tool Kit
  • Service Strategy
  • Client Service & Pricing Guide
  • Monetization Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Editable Design Templates
  • On-the-Dial Support
  • Target Audience Identification


01. Discovery

The journey starts with us finding and connecting with each other. After you fill the Coaching Request Form, we will have our first Free Call Session to officially get to know each other, be clear on what you need from me and finalize on our working contracts, client service agreement, payments, etc.

02. Let It Bare

This stage is the most important part of this journey because without it, we'd be grasping at straws. Here, we will have a soul-deep, soul-cleansing insight into the challenges you are facing. No matter how bad it is, you get to bare it all out, cry if you must, but hold nothing back, i am listening.

03. Mind Work

Armed with everything I have learnt in the previous stage, I will begin to work on reorienting your mindset so that you can be emotionally, mentally, and spiritually positive and ready to move in to the next stage which is finding solutions to the challenges that you are facing.

04. Workshop

With your mindset reoriented, we can now get to work with gaining clarity on the "What, Who, Why & How" of your brand; which we can then use to set realistic goals and create effective custom made strategies to achieve your goals. This includes strategies for your content, brand visual identity, service and social media.

05. Launch Out

At this stage, with the clarity, positive mindset, goals and strategies we have gotten, it is time for you to unleash your new found awesomeness (brand & service) for the world to see. Of course, I will create a launch plan and strategy for you so you can bring your best foot forward in a grand style

06. Follow Up

Worry not, I won't abandon you even after you have launched. Once your coach, always will be your coach. During the first two weeks of your launch, I will be with you every step of the way. If after that period, you still feel you that you need me on speed dial, we can work on a Retainer Agreement.

Recent Testimonies

I am grateful to coach Victoria for helping me gain clarity for my brand. Before now, I was really confused, I had so many things I was interested in, so I couldn't focus on any thing, I was inconsistent too. Honestly, The Brand Clarity session I had with her was an eye opener for me.
I am not going to lie to you at all, Victoria is the brand coach and content strategist that you need. Her Clarity Sessions are everything, now I am clear on who I am and the kind of content I should be creating and who my target audience are. Thank you Vicky, you are the best.
Okay, I have had bad experiences with coaches, but 1hr with Victoria was all i needed to believe that not all coaches are scum. There is something deep, intimate and spiritual about her coaching sessions. She really got to me, I cried because I was really dabbling around in confusion, she saved me.

Let Me Be Your Next Coach!

Ready to beat the confusion? Tired of just winging it and moving around aimlessly? Want to take control and begin to own your future? Want to come out of your shell and unleash all that awesomeness inside of you? Want to share your knowledge and start monetizing your skills? Then I am your Next Coach and it is time for a BrandThera Experience!