Who Am I?

I am a Brand Clarity Coach & Content Strategist, helping serviced-based female creatives and entrepreneurs who have multiple interests, passions, skills and talents figure out their focus areas, gain the clarity, confidence & strategy that they need to plan effective strategies, set goals take action and stay consistent; plus own their futures. But, I bet you, it wasn’t always like this.

Growing up, I was so sure of WHO I wanted to BE and WHAT I wanted to DO with my life, which was quite simple and straightforward, to be a Famous Radio/Tv Presenter entertaining people with my shows.

The trouble started when I graduated from school and finished my NYSC. I left home in Benin City and came to find greener pastures in Lagos, hoping to get a job in any of the big radio or tv stations, start earning huge salaries, set up my own media house, and be a rich baby girl for life.

Great plans right? Yup, but God had other plans for me.


I was jobless, alone and broke in Lagos. And as a creative having multiple skills, interests and passions, only made it worse.

I began to try my hands at everything I could do e.g; I invested all my saving into an online radio station, hoping to make huge returns in a short while, that failed horribly; I started a Hibiscus (zobo drink) business which ran for a while and failed too; then with my design skills, I started designing cheap logos for small businesses which didn’t last long too. With my little knowledge of social media, I decided to become a Social Media Manager, but I wasn’t prepared for the competition and pressure that came with social media. Nothing was working the way I wanted it to.

By the time I turned 25 in June 2019, I felt hopeless and desperate; I battled with self-identity crisis, depression, impostor syndrome, shiny object syndrome, low confidence and inconsistency. The fear of becoming a failure and a liability paralyzed me, I could not move backward nor forward.


I decided that enough was enough, it was time to get up and begin to own my future. It was time to become more deliberate and intentional with myself. I realized that in order to move forward and progress, I needed to be more strategic, set realistic goals and stay consistent. I needed a mindset re-orientation, I needed focus, but for any of these to happen, I need to get Clarity, so I dropped everything I was doing and went on a long self-discovery break. I started by connecting back to God, then I took several coaching, counselling and therapy sessions.


Now, I am the woman who knows her worth, who is much bolder, more confident and owning any room she enters. Apart from other business investments behind the scene, I also own a thriving Digital Branding & Design Agency, YellowPoint Designs. And I have dedicated my personal brand VIO, to helping female entrepreneurs & creatives “Figure-It-Out” through my unique GOD-led therapeutic Clarity & Strategy Sessions. I’ve got some amazing reviews to back that up.

Hear Them Rave!

I am grateful to coach Victoria for helping me gain clarity for my brand. Before now, I was really confused, I had so many things I was interested in, so I couldn't focus on any thing, I was inconsistent too. Honestly, The Brand Clarity session I had with her was an eye opener for me.
I am not going to lie to you at all, Victoria is the brand coach and content strategist that you need. Her Clarity Sessions are everything, now I am clear on who I am and the kind of content I should be creating and who my target audience are. Thank you Vicky, you are the best.
Okay, I have had bad experiences with coaches, but 1hr with Victoria was all i needed to believe that not all coaches are scum. There is something deep, intimate and spiritual about her coaching sessions. She really got to me, I cried because I was really dabbling around in confusion, she saved me.

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