10 things To Give A f*ck About Now (self-care Tips for 2021)

2020 was that kind of year we wished never happened. We were not prepared for all that it threw at us. But by God’s grace, we managed to crawl out of the ditch the year threw us into, even though most people didn’t survive it. We truly made lemonade out of the lemons that 2020 gave us.

Well 2021 is here and while we are hopeful that the events of 2020 doesn’t repeat itself this year, we are still very uncertain as to how things will turn out. We even hear that, this year may be worse than last year with the way things are going. But while we can’t possibly control all that happens around us, we sure can control our thoughts and actions.

This year, I urge you to be very intentional about your lifestyle, because you never know what comes next. Choose to make the most and get the best out of any situation that comes at you.

By now, I am sure you already have your New Year Resolutions mapped out and you have promised yourself to keep to each one. You have new things you want to try and old things to you are throwing out. Great. But while there’s a lot you should NOT give a fuck about, there are actually some things you DO need to give a fuck about. And here are 10 of them;

1. Give a Fuck about Your Relationship with God

I have been a Christian since birth. But I just only recently started being conscious of my walk and work with God. The book of Ecclesiastes teaches us the importance of putting God first in all we do. Make him your companion, leader, and mentor this year. With him, you can face anything and still have peace. It has been and still remains an awesome presence in the house of God.

2. Give a Fuck about Your Mental Health

Whatever will make you mentally, emotionally, and psychologically unstable, please flee. Whoever or whatever it is, doesn’t matter. It is not worth your sanity and peace of mind. So find the exit door, and take a bow with your head and crown held high.

3. Give a Fuck about the Relationships in Your Life

Stay close and keep in touch with family and friends. A simple call or text goes a long way. Check up on people you haven’t spoken to in a long time, break off toxic and abusive relationships of any kind, you deserve better.

4. Give a Fuck Your Personal Development

Read more often, take classes/courses, do more research, listen to educational podcasts, etc. Just improve yourself, acquire more knowledge in areas you know you need to. No knowledge is a waste. Don’t be taken by surprise about anything anymore. Acquire soft & hard skills that will help you in the long run.

5. Give a Fuck about Killing your Fears & Just Starting

Why are you so scared of starting? Why are you so scared of trying at least? Because of failure? Who told you you would fail? Have you thought of the possibility that you might actually Succeed? Who actually cares if you fail? Your parents, peers, siblings, husband, wife? Duh, YOU shouldn’t care. Give that crazy idea a try at least. You won’t die if you fail, but you will regret that you didn’t try at all. Throw in the dice and start.

6. Give a Fuck about Your Physical Health

I have been experiencing some pain around my abdomen for a while now, I keep saying I will go check it out, but I have been ‘too busy’ to visit the doctor. Don’t be like me, please be very intentional about your health. Once you notice anything off, go check it out, treat yourself. Because, you never know what bigger problems your negligence can cause (yes, I am talking to myself too). Yes, we are Christians, we believe in God’s divine healing, but it does not stop you from visiting your doctor when the need arises.

7. Give a Fuck about Your Physical Looks

Yes, always look good. Stop looking like my grandma’s trash can all the time. I am not saying put on all the makeup, wear expensive clothes that you can barely afford. Nope. I am just saying, look good. Whatever that means to you, just look good and feel good.

8. Give a Fuck about Breaks & Vacations

This year, I and Boo have decided we will be going on monthly breaks from work and go have fun. Go clubbing, ice-cream spree, cinema, hang out with friends, anything to keep us away from work, to bond together, have fun generally, and relax our nerves. We also will be traveling outside the country for a one month vacation by the end of the year. make sure we hang out or do something fun. Make sure you find time to leave your work desk and go experience life outside.

9. Give a Fuck about what You Injest

Stop eating junk! Stop smoking like a chimney! Stop drinking chemicals! Stop. Start eating healthy. If you can’t cook, order from those who cook good healthy meals (if you can afford it). Cultivate the habit of eating fruits always and drinking water like a fish (you get my point). Get a professional meal planner if you have to, learn cooking skills on YouTube, just eat & drink healthy stuff only. Your body is not a dumping ground for junks.

10. Give a Fuck about about Your Goals

Stop lazying around, stop procrastinating, stop complaining! Do you have goals for the year? Start working on them. No more delays, no more holding back. Pursue your goals with all you’ve gat. No matter how big or small your goals may seem, they are your goals still. Own them and do your thing. There’s is no food for the lazy man, don’t expect to see results that you never worked for. Keep at it.


There’s more from where these came from, but let’s put a cap here. Like I said earlier, be very intentional about yourself and your lifestyle this year. You own no one nothing but Love, Human Respect & Kindness. Don’t let anything get you all stressed up, take it easy, and make an effort to live your best life this year. Hope this has helped you, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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