4 Questions That Will help You Establish A Powerful Personal Brand

Building a Personal Brand is not all about designing great graphics, taking pictures and posting everyday on social media, it’s way beyond that.

Holla, good afternoon and welcome to my blog. Yes, it is Thursday and Thursdays are for Blog Posts. I am excited to have you here and I can’t wait to dish out our great contents via this blog. Though writing is not a big hobby of mine, but I have discovered that I can’t totally scrap it out of my life and career, so why not just do it any way, right? Besides, when I write, I write really good. I pour in all my emotions, I write like I am talking to you face to face. I write so that you can learn, be happy and get value.

Talking about value, today I will be writing about Personal Branding Building. Like I said in the first paragraph, building a Personal Brand is not all about designing great graphics, taking pictures and posting everyday on social media, it’s way beyond that. In fact, you can build a personal brand without even being active on social media. It’s more about carving a unique niche for yourself and using it to actually impact the lives of people positively. Social media is just another channel to help you showcase your Brand to more people.

Personal brand building is a journey, not a destination. There’s no end to it, as long as you are alive and breathing, looking to make impact to your world, building your Brand remains a continuous thing. What matters is Clarity & Strategy. You need to be clear on what your brand is all about and apply effective strategies to communicate it to your target audience. A powerful personal brand will boost your personal life, career and business.

So if you are looking to establish a powerful personal brand, here are 4 Questions you need to answer that I strongly believe will help you get started, because it helped me too.

1. What Is Your Purpose & Passion In Life?

You need to discover your purpose. What drives you? What are you really passionate about? What do you do that makes you so happy even if you are not getting anything in return? What’s your calling? What are you constantly drawn to? What keeps you going? What are your beliefs, values and opinions?

2. What Are You Good At?

What are your skills & talents? What is your niche? What valuable services can you offer to people? What do you know how to do best? Where does your expertise, knowledge and experience lie? Be very honest about this and don’t be ashamed of it. Be confident and bold about it no matter how weird it may be.

3. What Gives You Credibility?

Do you have Social Proof of who you are? Can anyone vouch for you? How can you prove that you are an expert in your niche? How has your services helped people? Are evidence of your good works?

4. What Are Your Target Audiences?

You can’t be for everyone and anyone. You can ease everyone. So you need to streamline your Brand to a specific set of people. Who does your Brand resonate with the most? Young or Old? Married or Single? Single Parents? Business Owners? Housewives? 9-5 Workers? Etc.

Bonus: What Are Your Brand Goals?

What do you hope to achieve? What impact are you trying to make? How will you achieve these goals?


Be clear and honest with your answers to these questions. Clarity is very important to your brand growth journey. Without it, you can implement any workable strategy. So go back to the drawing board. And as mentioned earlier, if you are looking to boost your Career, Business, Cause or something and you need the public to key in on it, then you need a Strong personal brand to achieve your goals. No one would like to work with you if they don’t know you, what you stand for, what you do and how they will benefit from you. Your personal brand is what helps you sell yourself better and faster.

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